A Deafie and Her Shop

Hello there and welcome to my shop! I have been creating children's art/illustration, creative lettering, diamond art paintings, and other artwork for many years and am excited to start sharing these creations with you! I especially enjoy creating items for use in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community!

I was born with only one ear. So, from birth, I was deaf on one side. As I got older, I eventually went on to become totally Deaf. Although I can use my voice), I use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with people. I can't read lips to save my life! And I am lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who either sign with me or have the patience to write back and forth.

For a while, around 2005, I owned and operated a mural-painting business called Michele's Mural Magic. However, after doing that for a couple of years I realized that what I really wanted to do is personal artwork--especially diamond painting, children's art, and artwork geared for the Deaf community.

I now stay home and make art all day long! From the moment I wake up until it's time for bed, I am constantly doing something artistic. This shop showcases a few of my creations. (Note: I do, on occasion, tutor people in Sign Language in my spare time.)

I hope you'll take the time and take a look at the items available in my store. I also hope you'll "favorite" my shop as I will favorite yours in return. Bottom line? I pray that you will enjoy my shop as much as I enjoyed making it!